Water Lily To Bali


South Pasadena , CALIFORNIA USA

Project Overview

Lily is off to see more of the world! With each new place I go, I feel compelled to give back in exchange for all I get to see and do and learn. Did you know that $50 can provide 100 people clean water for 5 years! I was astounded by these numbers and how easy it is to save lives with Waves For Water Filters. Will you join me in my mission to deliver to Bali by donating to my project? Any amount helps! Thank you!

Statistics & Progress

Destination Ubud, Bali - Indonesia

Filter Goal
10 of 10

Potential Access to Clean Water 1,000+


Vikkie Barnum
Donated: $50

Kathy Helling
Donated: $25

Amelia Beiderwell
Donated: $50

Alejandra Valles
Donated: $50

Paula Meier
Donated: $10

Kayla Noland
Donated: $25

Sara Jones
Donated: $20

Ryan Stancl
Donated: $50

Briana Enriquez-roven
Donated: $20

Susan Munson
Donated: $25