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After living and volunteering in Nicaragua for around 5 months, I noticed very poor people traveling long distances and spending the little bit of money they had to get clean water to their families. It was common to see a family of four on a small motorbike with a 5-gallon water jug. It is the classic story in these surf towns in poor countries. You have rich tourists staying at their 5 star resorts while the locals that have lived in these beautiful places for generations are getting pushed further and further from the ocean, their jobs and their homes. These people are trying to make a simple living but no one is really helping. The government takes from them and most of the tourists turn a blind eye to the poverty. As I write, there are protests going on against the government and the deadliest civil conflict has kicked off since the revolution. All of Nicaragua needs help, but I would like to focus on the city of San Juan Del Sur and surrounding areas to provide clean water to the locals that are living in extreme poverty. I know some Nicaraguan nationals that are great surfers and all around good humans that would be great liaisons between Waves for Water and the local community in need of clean water. Please give me a chance to be a courier and help this community in need.

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Destination San Juan Del Sur, Rivas - Nicaragua

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