Villalba, Puerto Rico (South-Central Region)


Archer , FL US

Project Overview

Dear Friends,

My name is John Fernandez. I am a 34 year old Marine Corps combat veteran and a University of Florida business student, with a heart for helping others.

My family is from Puerto Rico (PR). Currently, my mom, step-dad, aunt, uncle, cousins and grandmother are all in PR and have been devastated by Hurricane Maria. My step-dad has cancer and has not received medical treatment since Maria, where before he was receiving treatment daily. I am told that the roads by my mothers house are gone and only accessible by foot. They are out of clean water, food, and fuel. Because the roads are so devastated, the government has had a very difficult time resupplying the city of VIllalba.

I will be making my first trip to Puerto Rico since Maria this weekend (10-7-7). I will be taking with me a generator, gas cans, food, a satellite phone, GPS tracker and the water filters I have already purchased, as well as other necessities. This first trip will be to asses the additional resources and filters needed. Villalba has a population of 26,000. Each filter is estimated to serve 100 people, which means I need at least 260 filters, 300 to be safe.

My aunt, Norma Marrero, is the pastor at her church and she has selflessly devoted her life to helping others. I aim to bring as many supplies to her as possible so that her church can redistribute everything to the community. In addition, I have partnered with The Children's Table, which will be sending several pallets of food to my aunts church on a weekly basis, to also be distributed to the community.

Currently, there is no water filtration system in place anywhere in Villalba. We are going to change that, one filter at a time!

My second trip to PR will be at the end of this month, with subsequent trips being made with The Children's Table supplies. On my second trip I will I will be bringing all these filters with me. Let's make this happen!

Please share the link to my page with everyone you know. Remember, one filter can filter approximately one million gallons of water and have a potential impact on 100 people.

Thank you in advance for your contribution!

Statistics & Progress

Destination Villalba, Puerto Rico - USA

Filter Goal
6 of 300

Potential Access to Clean Water 30,000+


Laura Hiltabrand
Donated: $100

The Modugno Family
Donated: $100

John Fernandez
Donated: $100