The Sole Surfers bring Clean Water to Ponce and Isabela, Puerto Rico.


Cape Canaveral , FLORIDA US

Project Overview

Like the rest of the world, we have been following Hurricane Maria with a close watchful eye. On September 20, this mega Category 5 hurricane, demolished the Enchanted island of Puerto Rico, with a damage estimation at 90% destruction of the island nation’s infrastructure. The electric grid will be 100% down for an estimated 6+ months and the availability of potable water will be scarce for the same time period or even longer. Puerto Rico is the land of my birth. Now living Stateside in Florida, I feel the duty to go back and help my people. My brothers and I will be educating and delivering filters, with your help, to the people along the Ponce to Isabela corridor.

We have been doing this Waves for Water Mission to Popoyo, Nicaragua for the last 3 summers impacting thousands of nicaraguans. Is time now to help our own. Together with friends and family from the region, we are launching an emergency response initiative to provide access to clean drinking water – focusing primarily on the towns from Ponce to Isabela.

Please help!

Statistics & Progress

Destination Ponce to Isabela, Puerto Rico - USA

Filter Goal
213 of 300

Potential Access to Clean Water 30,000+


Kathleen Cook
Donated: $50

A.j. Hutson
Donated: $50

Kevin Lawn
Donated: $25

Kenneth Sanzel
Donated: $100

Mary Boulanger
Donated: $25

Michelle Lankwarden
Donated: $50

Lisa Haskins
Donated: $50

Rachel Melton
Donated: $100

Patricia Schumacher
Donated: $100

Robert P Schmidt Jr
Donated: $50