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Project Overview

Surf4Children Onlus is an Italian non-profit organzation founded by medical doctors, with the aim of bringing social and medical support to in-need people all over the world.

In Bureh Town, a small city near Sierra Leone’s capital (Freetown), Local people established in 2012 the “Bureh Beach Surf Club”, the first and only surf club in Sierra Leone. The aim was to help increase tourism to this area by offering surf lessons and board rentals as well as accommodation, food and drinks. All the revenue generated would be put back into the community, in the form of wages, grants and the purchasing of local goods and services. After the initial success, with the beginning of the Ebola outbreak tourism and activities dropped off, with strong consequences on the local economy.

Bureh Town does not have a primary health care facility, but after Ebola local people decided that such a facility would be of great help to the community and for tourists, in order to provide first aid, immunizations, ante-natal and post-natal care and delivery services for uncomplicated pregnancies. In a very short time, the community has committed to building the health facility and accommodation for health staff, have had designs drawn up in line with government facility specifications, and the foundation of the facility building is almost completed.

Surf4Children Onlus, a non for profit organization, has began a partnership with Bureh Town to support the building and running of the health facility. Surf4Children doctors and volunteers will work for free in the health facility, will hire and educated local staff, will donate drugs and medical supplies and will help in completing the building of the health facility.

Surf4Children project will run during the whole 2016, sending doctors, volunteers, drugs, medical, sport equipment, etc ... But all of this, is not enough, if the local community does not have easy and safe access to clean water.

We need also your help to provide access to clean water to all the community with proven water filters system.

Thank you!!!

Statistics & Progress

Destination Bureh Town - Sierra Leone

Filter Goal
10 of 100

Potential Access to Clean Water 10,000+


Donated $150

Mucci Mauro
Donated: $100

Iodice Francesco
Donated: $100

Danilo Buonsenso
Donated: $100

Donated $50