Struntz Family Goes to Panama


San Diego , CA USA

Project Overview

“The Golden Rule”

Do unto others…The Golden rule…How easy it is to lose track following thru on such a basic principle and of all the little moments in life that we should be thankful for!…This Thanksgiving, my little family journeyed to Panama to enjoy a little break from the chaos of our modern lives. Most importantly, Kate and I wanted to immerse our little boy Jonah in a wealth of life experiences that will hopefully begin to shape his world view in such a way that service to others is second nature. I am forever grateful to my good friend Jon Rose for sharing his vision of guerrilla humanitarianism with me this year on a trip to Liberia. Get involved . . . Its so easy to make such a massive difference, it just takes action…Our mission was simple-deliver 16 water filters to two villages where clean drinking water isn’t available. Hopefully the pictures tell the story and inspire you to go on an adventure, live life to the fullest, and along the way, change the lives of the people you meet forever. No child should die from simply not having access to clean water. Its up to us…I want to say a special thanks to my wife Kate, my wildman Jonah, Mario and Brooks Inglese, Scott Balogh at Red Frog Bungalows, Jaime Noai, and most of all the villagers of Cusapin and Pedro Santos for helping make this Thanksgiving the most memorable in my life!

Statistics & Progress

Destination Boca del Toro - Panama

Filter Goal
10 of 10

Potential Access to Clean Water 800+