Safe Water Sabbatical


San Marcos , CA USA

Project Overview

In January 2016, my husband and I are quitting our jobs, leaving our family and embarking on a Safe Water Sabbatical. We will sail for a year and end up in French Polynesia.

My goal is to take filters with us, establish bonds and help families by giving them safe water to drink as part of our Pay it Forward lifestyle.

All I want is to quietly surround myself with goodness and appreciate the simplicity of giving.

Please take a look at my video.

Statistics & Progress

Destination Mexico, Costa Rica, French Polynesia

Filter Goal
11 of 11

Potential Access to Clean Water 1,100+


Traci Fickel
Donated: $200

Ardalan Aminlari
Donated: $50

Michael Civitelli
Donated: $50

Pauline Warren
Donated: $50

Donated $50

Kristina Krautblatt
Donated: $30

Gregory L Earick
Donated: $50