Puerto Rico... Work goes on for Safe drinking H20


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Project Overview

Hola! My name is Lucy and my dear childhood friend David Otero and I have initiated this Courier Project to reach more people identified in need of safe drinking water in Puerto Rico. I am passionate about the W4W vision and mission and admire the work that everyone in these programs do.

While I am here in the states, David, an EMT in the Air National Guard of PR, lives in Puerto Rico where thousands still don’t have running water. Many are collecting from streams in the mountains, sides of the road, and water holes.

Presently, there are people getting water where ever they can get it. Lack of clean drinking water is a serious health concern. The threat of diseases is real, like Leptospirosis (74 suspected cases), a potentially deadly bacterial disease spread by contact with contaminated water, people are not safe just drinking from streams or water holes and there have been many that have died from water born diseases.

Bottled water, when they can get it is often rationed and in more rural nearly impossible to find.

Let’s back up a bit....

Early October, with my heart divided, I embarked in a mission to Nicaragua to deliver 20 water filters on a different W4W Courier Project already in the works. The further away I flew from the US East Coast the more I felt helpless to the people of my own native island of PR. On the one side I yearned to help the poor people of Sabadell Nicaragua where many have lived almost all their lives without access to clean safe water and on the other I wanted to get to PR and help my people there.

***There are no words to express what I felt when I saw that the W4W team in the Caribbean had boots on the ground to help Puerto Rico. Wow! Thank you! Then other Courier Projects were initiated by others wanting help Puerto Rico…thank you to all working and contributing on these efforts! On behalf of the people, friends, and family in Puerto Rico...Muchas Gracias! ***

This disaster hits home for me. I have family and friends in Puerto Rico. My childhood friend David Otero is an EMT in the Air Guard of Puerto Rico. He has the heart and initiative to help those in need wherever possible even beyond the call of duty, working to reach and meet needs even beyond his work hours.

David has a network of people and contacts throughout the island and has identified families and remote areas that are in need of these filters. He is out there every day delivering supplies, talking to people, and he, along with other service members and leaders are standing by eager to implement water filters in several areas still in need.

With 3 million people in Puerto Rico and 20% with no running water or the water they have is unsafe, it is still evident that recovery is still a long arduous process in so many aspects.

Please contribute. Any amount helps get closer to the initial goal of 20 filters.

Pa'lante mi gente! Dios les bendiga!

-Lucy Giboyeaux

Statistics & Progress

Destination Puerto Rico

Filter Goal
13 of 20

Potential Access to Clean Water 2,000+


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