Puerto Rico 2018


Valley Center , CA US

Project Overview

Courier Overview: My wife and I will be traveling to Puerto Rico in February 2018. With the recent hurricanes, Puerto Rico is slow to regain power and water. We have family and friends in Rincon that need water filters for unpredictable water conditions as well as other simple supplies. Many areas will not have power for a couple years, and water is still a need in rural areas. We are connected with a few local businesses, and if we are successful we will continue to send filters over there well after we return.

Present Conditions: No power in over half the island, people in the hills may not get power or water for months. Some people in Isabella and Arecibo haven't had power since Irma. Puerto Ricans are left to fend for themselves with many things, despite government assistance. Willing hands are needed to bring hope.


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Statistics & Progress

Destination Rincon, Puerto Rico - United States

Filter Goal
9 of 50

Potential Access to Clean Water 5,000+


Erika Lopez
Donated: $50

Gail Gee
Donated: $25

Michele Mcleod
Donated: $100

Peter Brecht
Donated: $100

Kim Bryant
Donated: $100

Torsten Unger
Donated: $50