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Project Overview

I first went to Nicaragua in November of 2013 for a surf trip and was taken aback by the raw beauty and the perfect waves, but upon venturing outside of the gated beautiful communities where I stayed and surfed, I was stricken with sadness when I saw how impoverished this beautiful country is. I later discovered that Nicaragua is the largest and poorest country in Central America, and that it’s the 2nd poorest country in this hemisphere. Almost ½ of the population there lives below the national poverty line and do not have access to adequate sanitation. Although Nicaragua has abundant sources of freshwater, very little of it is safe to drink. In rural areas, only 68% of the population has access to clean water. At least 300 children die each year as a direct result of having unsafe drinking water and poor sanitation, all conditions and statistics which can be easily changed.

I will be returning to Nicaragua in late October for a few weeks, traveling the Pacific Coast from Rivas (south) to Chinandega (north), surfing and visiting with friends, but this time, I have a bigger purpose. I have teamed up with Waves 4 Water to bring as many water filters as I can with me on my trip, so that I can implement these filters in the areas where they are needed most and bring clean water to these communities who are in desperate need.

Statistics & Progress


Filter Goal
100 of 100

Potential Access to Clean Water 10,000+


Daren Crawford
Donated: $60

Mascuilli Family
Donated: $50

Antonio Rivas
Donated: $100

Angela J Rhodehamel
Donated: $25

Vanessa R Stone
Donated: $50

Jennifer Martin
Donated: $50

Anna Santoro
Donated: $50

Karen A. Toulon
Donated: $50

Keith Olin
Donated: $100