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Mission Overview


We have just returned from our 2nd Hurricane Patricia Relief trip which was incredibly successful! We met the Calex yacht in Cabo, where they had 200 filters on board, and loaded the boat with 12 Tinacos and 150 buckets and set sail for the affected areas of Jalisco! Twenty-four hours later, we arrived to Careyes, where 2 pangas, a dump truck and 3 pickup trucks and an amazing crew of people helped us unload the boat. The Careyes Foundation was kind enough to let us use their art gallery, which is still being rebuilt after the storm, as a home base. With a crew of about 13 people per day, we worked tirelessly for two days straight, donating tinacos and filters, as well as other goods donated by Calex, Billabong and a toy company, to the communities affected by Hurricane Patricia. We essentially brought them Christmas, it was so beautiful! With the filters purchased between the last few trips (550 total- after Hurricane Patricia), we have provided each family in at least 6 entire communities with their own individual water filters bucket systems as well as tinaco community filters! This trip was immensely successful and we would, first and foremost, like to thank Mark Drelow at Yachtaid Global and Captain Chris Clemens and the CALEX for funding this trip and donating 200 water filters, supplies and transport!! Huge thanks to the entire crew on the Calex for their hard work and for taking me in as one of their own and making my first yachting experience so memorable, and to the Careyes Foundation and our crew on the ground in Jalisco, who provided us support and logistics and helped everything come together seamlessly, and as always, poured their heart and soul into this project! We are so grateful!l


We are so excited to announce that our Clean Mexi-Agua Hurricane Patricia Fundraiser at the Vuori Pop Up in Encinitas, helped us raise $10,000 for Hurricane Patricia relief. We are so grateful to everyone that donated products/services, and to all that attended the event and came out to support! We are also excited to announce that our next trip to the affected areas will be on December 3, in collaboration with Yachtaid Global, stay tuned for details!l


By day 3, our team has visited all of the coastal communities in Jalisco where the eye of the hurricane first made landfall with it's 165 mph winds. The zone most impacted is the stretch of coast between the communities of Chamela and La Manzanilla. The communities that were hit the hardest were our Clean Mexi-Agua focused communities of Arroyo Seco and Chamela. There is also a lot of damage to Emiliano Zapata, Miguel Hidalgo, Aguas Calientes, La Rosa, El Rebelsito, and a few others. Now that we know the extent of the damage, we will now revisit and reinforce their access to clean drinking water. Our goal is to provide clean drinking water to everyone affected by Hurricane Patricia.


Becky, Ethan, and Jose are currently on the ground in Jalisco, MX where the most powerful Hurricane to date made landfall last Friday evening. On Monday the team left Puerto Vallarta heading south with 150 filters, buckets, chainsaw, tarps, and other necessary resources. The latest damage assessment shows that 3,000 homes have been completely destroyed while 250,000 are still without power. Our goal is to provide access to clean drinking water to every single family in these remote communities. The plan we have in place with our local network we allow us to accomplish this goal, but we need your help in raising awareness and additional funding for filters. Please share this information with your friends, co-workers, colleagues, and family! Please "like" our facebook page:


Like most Southern California surfers, we have been frequenting Mexico for years. The waves are amazing, the people are friendly and the landscape is beautiful, but the poverty levels are undeniable. Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to fly down to Puerto Vallarta and visit there and Sayulita for about a week. This area, located in the state of Jalisco in Mainland Mexico is incredibly lavish and beautiful! While in the area, I did some research on the drinking water situation down there and was told about a zone, a few hours south, which is in dire need of access to clean drinking water. It seems that most of these communities do not have access to clean drinking water, other communities rely on a truck to come with water for them to drink. In some communities, people are having to walk a few kilometers to get their drinking water. And what happens if the truck doesn't make it down? No water for anyone. This is unnecessary and unjust.

Check out our facebook page for photos and updates of our first trip to Jalisco:


We had an incredibly successful trip to Mexico! We distributed 40 water filters in the communities of Arroyo Seco, Chamela, Yelapa & San Ignacio. We surfed amazing, uncrowded waves and more importantly, we created a network of Clean Mexi-Agua Ambassadors on the ground in these areas that will help us moving forward. We have created a Facebook page with updates and photos, but we still need your help! We have returned with lots of information and data on where we need to go from here. Our goal is to provide access to clean drinking water to every single family in these communities, so our work begins now! Please share this information with your friends, co-workers, colleagues, and family! Please "like" our facebook page:


Over $6,000 raised at the Clean Mexi-Agua Fundraiser hosted by Action Sports Law Group, Nakoa Fitness & Fish 101 Restaurant

The Clean Mexi-Agua Fundraiser helped Becky Mendoza (Action Sports Law Group) and Sam Bennett (GoPro) raise funds for water filters and related items in order to provide access to clean water to those in need in the coastal areas of Jalisco, Mexico. In partnering with Waves for Water, the team hopes to ultimately impact 10,000 people in the region, with each single filter having the capacity to provide clean water for up to100 people for 5 years. Waves for Water's mission is to bring clean water to every single person who needs it, using the Clean Water Courier program to encourage individuals to "do what you love, and help along the way."

The fundraiser took place at Nakoa Fitness in Carlsbad, California on Tuesday April 28th and brought approximately 250 guests together from the action sports world and local communities of Encinitas, Leucadia, Carslbad, Cardiff and Oceanside. Heavy hitters from the industry were in attendance, but more impressive were the prize packages donated for the event's raffle. Over $6,000 dollars were raised through a Polaris eBike auction and through an impressive raffle that included items like a Tomo/Firewire Surfboard, GoPro cameras, a SoloShot 2 and many more.

The event featured amazing food provided by Fish 101 Restaurant, a Polaris eBikes demo station, access to the Transworld Skate park, a photo booth from Oh Snap, and was MC-ed by Justin Cote and music provided by Daren Crawford. The event exceeded the Clean Water Couriers expectations.

"I am completely humbled by the outpouring of support we received from our local community and the action sports community as a whole and am honored to be among such a supportive group. I want to thank every single person and company that donated product to our cause, as well as every person who attended or contributed in any way. You are the reason we are able to make the impact we are about to make, it is you who are providing the clean water, we are just vehicles" said Becky Mendoza, of Action Sports Law Group.

Project Clean Mexi-Agua hits the ground in Jalisco, Mexico on May 10, 2015, to the coastal communities south of Puerto Vallarta, for their first trip to the region. Their immediate goals are to distribute the filters, however the Clean Water Couriers will also be gathering crucial information on surrounding needs in order to build scalable efforts in the area moving forward.

Special thanks to all of the donors, which included: Nakoa Fitness, Fish 101, Left Coast Brewery, Copa Fina Wine Imports, Boyd & Blair Vodka, Red Bull, Polaris eBikes, GoPro, Firewire Surfboards, Tomo Surfboards, Hydroflex Surfboards, Hydroflex Skateboards, Sector 9, Soloshot, Trace, Taylormade, Reef, RVCA, Vans Raen, SuperBrand, Matuse Wetsuits, Spy Optics, Surfline, Stance Socks, Fox Racing, Hurley, Nixon, FCS, Creatures of Leisure, MRM Protein, Lululemon, Sticky Bumps, Depactus, The People's Movement, Shaper Studios, Bergamot Spa, Chris Miller, Tony Hawk, Mike McGill, Union Kitchen, Dirty Dogs, California Fruit Wines, Veedercrest Wines, SD Electric Bikes, Oh Snap.

Statistics & Progress


Filter Goal
304 of 1,000

Potential Access to Clean Water 100,000+


Culture Brewing
Donated: $166

Lisa L Galliath
Donated: $100

Cheryl P. Sjolund
Donated: $25

Alvin Dunn Elementary
Donated: $400

Yacht Aid Global
Donated: $2,000

Donated $100

Heather L Lamberson
Donated: $100

Donated $50

Chris Clemens
Donated: $8,000

Anthony Aguirre Iii
Donated: $25