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I'm 17 years old currently starting a major in environmental engineering here in Lima, Peru. droughts and floods here in Peru have been devastating last year, in the month of March mostly, surfers in Lima got to see in first hand the effects of the mudslides when the flow of mud created a perfect barreling left in Santa Rosa for a couple of weeks, my project consit on a focus towards the north and south of lima where economic development is far away and people that don't have another choice than to either drink water from rivers that are filled with bad management of mining residues or built slums in the valleys where if heavy rainfall occurs a mudlide could wipe the whole area.

I'm planning on helping in the long term when I turn 18 in March I will be able to have a driving license and could surf and travel throughout the arid coast and bring filters to little places where other than water safety, plastic bags disposal and garbage is terribly organised and since Peru's coast is windy these bags end up kilometers away drifting either to the ocean or rivers, the problem with this is that villagers take water from rivers that are used as garbage disposal sytems because when the rivers grow in size it takes all the garbage "away" and that is not their problem anymore.

This project aim is to teach about useful techniques to store garbage and to help them drink clean water.

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Destination piura, talara - peru

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Potential Access to Clean Water 1,000+