North Shore Kauai Flood Relief / Sustainable Clean Water Program


Kilauea , HI USA

Project Overview

Aloha Friends,

Please help me in providing sustainable and safe drinking water for the North Shore of Kauai during this disaster and beyond. Thousands of plastic water bottles are being boated into the devastated areas. We all know that this is not a sustainable solution, and that it eventually contributes to yet another problem. Water filters can easily be used to filter millions of gallons of safe drinking water to all of the North Shore residents in need. It is my dream for every household in flood prone areas to have one of these highly effective filters. We do not need to depend on plastic water bottles to have access to clean water, even in times of disaster!

With your donation I will help in implementing these clean water filtration systems throughout the affected areas of Kauai's North Shore. Each filter can provide up to 100 gallons of clean potable water each and every day for up to a min of 5 years. Many people in the surrounding area have been getting sick from the running tap water as it has been compromised due to the storm. Many areas will not have access to clean safe drinking water for many months to come. Plastic bottles are not the solution, so please join me in this more sustainable one.

Please help spread the word!!!

Thank you for your support!

Statistics & Progress

Destination North Shore, Kauai - USA

Filter Goal
38 of 50

Potential Access to Clean Water 5,000+


The Devereaux Family
Donated: $100

Sea+wander Llc
Donated: $50

Lindsy Richards
Donated: $50

Tammera Logan
Donated: $25

Jennifer Delliquadri
Donated: $35

Michelle Minor
Donated: $100

Nicole Lombardo
Donated: $100

Heather Caster
Donated: $25

The Elmore Family
Donated: $500