Mission Nicar-Drinkable-Agua


San Francisco , CA US

Project Overview

Family and Friends!

We're a group of 3 friends connected through our undergrad at University of Southern California: Max Ernst (SF), Andrew Hegarty (SF) and Ryan Torres (LA), and we're headed on a surf adventure to Nicaragua in September 2015. We're on the search for great waves and fun times, and we want to give back to the country providing these prizes.

800,000 people in Nicaragua don't have access to safe drinking water, and Waves for Water is giving us the opportunity to bring some goodness with us on our trip. With your help, we can purchase and provide water filters that will provide clean drinking water to hundreds of people. Each $50 filter has the potential to provide clean drinking water for 100 people, with a 1 Million Gallon filter life, and we're shooting for 10 filters. Here's a link to a detailed example of the filter, if you're interested: http://store.wavesforwater.org/products/renegade-filter

All of the proceeds will go directly to the water filters, which we'll be bringing with us to Nicaragua, and delivering directly to communities in need.

Help us get to our goal of 15 filters so we can provide communities in need with a resource we often take for granted! Any donation helps - even $1, $5 or $10!


Max, Ryan and Andrew

Statistics & Progress

Destination Playa Santana, Rivas - Nicaragua

Filter Goal
15 of 15

Potential Access to Clean Water 1,500+


Aron Szecsey
Donated: $25

Donated $20

Donated $50

Mathieu Goudot
Donated: $8

Tom Kuhr
Donated: $50

Christopher Reid
Donated: $25

Donated $25

Melody Andoy
Donated: $50

Matthew Landau
Donated: $10

Donated $25