A new report from the World Bank just landed!!!

Madagascar (77.6%) is the epicenter of global..." />

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A new report from the World Bank just landed!!!

Madagascar (77.6%) is the epicenter of global extreme poverty. being the poorest country on the planet despite its biological and cultural richness!!!!

In the western world, we take it for granted that we have access to clean water, food, and education. These are the essential basics which allow us to create the future we desire.

Malagasy are some of the poorest people on earth, more than 70 percent of them are living on less than a dollar a day.

Mada Collective, created in 2017, makes a commitment to improve the life of the Vezo tribe, semi nomadic people of fishermen and hunters, on the south-west coast of Madagascar.

This western magnificent and very isolated region of Madagascar suffers urgent not filled basic needs: semi nomadic population living in great poverty, drought, diseases, no health infrastructures nearby nor basic services (water, electricity).

Families who live in isolated villages DO NOT have access to clean drinking water. Wells are contaminated with bacteria and viruses, and those who drink that water are exposing themselves to diseases. Most have no alternative to drinking the contaminated water.

This is the daily reality in most parts of Madagascar. They need to trek across harsh terrain to reach a distant well for hours every single day.

Water is a basic necessity for survival, and 88 percent of people in Madagascar do not have access to improved sanitation. Over 2,100 children a year die from diarrhea because of unsafe and poor water quality in Madagascar.

My vision is to provide educational opportunities by repairing schools and offering scholarships to the most needy children in Madagascar via my business Mada collective and enhance some villages/schools self-sufficiency through safe and clean water via ''WAVES OF WATER''.

Mada collective would like to raise awareness of challenges that ordinary Malagasy face today and how we can come together to extend a helping hand to make a difference in the lives of Malagasy children in need.

My trip to Madagascar was a deeply profound one because it pulled me out of my bubble and made me remember that there is stark inequality in the world and made me want to do more about it.

I will be doing the deliveries myself every year around oct/nov to some of the most remote places in South west Madagascar. WATER IS LIFE!

Misaotra. Thank you.

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