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Project Overview

We are the Kissidugu Foundation, founded by Fara Tolno of Guinea, West Africa. We are creating a school campus in the village of Koukoude in the area of BOFA an hour and a half north of the capital city of Conakry, Guinea. We are currently finishing our international student/ teacher residence building, our pharmacy is in use and our Dance Pavilion is being utilized by our Junior Company of eight 9-15 year olds. Our doors to the school are slated to open in 2020, and we are doing our best to help provide for basic needs in the village as we slowly grow. We have taken 75 clean water filters to Guinea to date. Providing clean water for families in Koukoude and Conakry. Our goal is to take 30 more this year, 2017-18.

Thank you for support, and many thanks to Waves for Water, what an incredible resource. We are so very grateful, clean water is a human right.

Each filter is only $50 and provides one million gallons of clean water! :)

Please visit us at for more information about our organization. THANK YOU/ INUWAULY

Thank you / Inuwauly

For more information about our project please visit us at:

Statistics & Progress

Destination Koukoude, BOFA - Guinea

Filter Goal
30 of 30

Potential Access to Clean Water 3,000+


Kissidugu Foundation
Donated: $1,458

Donated $30

Stephanie Yelenik
Donated: $50