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I was recently in Fiji and spent a day with a friend, Brett Whittaker (he works closely with the Fijian Government), photographing villages that were devastated by the floods in early April. Brett and his small crew have been working non-stop since then, as the floods have displaced and made life very difficult for many Fijians. People were stranded on their roofs, since the water rose that high in low lying flood zones, where many poor people live. Brett and his crew have raised a lot of money, supplies, food, water, etc to help the best they can. In disasters, clean water is one of the most important short term goals. I'm hoping that you will help Brett and the Fijian people by buying one or more filters that I can send down to Fiji. Our goal is 500 water filters, please help us the best you can. The cost is $50 per filter, which will provide up to 300 gallons of clean water per day, and 100% of your donation(water filters) goes straight to the source, none of your donation is used for anything except the water filters you purchase and forward to me. There are “No" administration costs! Brett will take care of getting them to the villages and show the Fijians how to use and maintain them. He is working entirely out of his love to help other less fortunate people, his only payment is seeing the joy in Fijians faces when he and his crew help them. Believe it or not, the most important thing to the Fijian people, is knowing that someone cares! You can go to this link,, and purchase the filters and have them shipped to me at; Tom Servais, 34056 Zarzito Drive, Dana Point, CA 92629. Or you can send donations to me directly and I'll handle the filter purchasing – whatever you feel more comfortable with. You can count on myself and Brett to distribute these to the villages who need them most. Any questions, please feel free to email me -

Please have a look at these photos to get an idea of how lucky we are and how much just $50 can help a small village without clean drinking water. Thanks for listening, and please don't feel obligated, just an opportunity to help the Fijians and know that 100% of your donation goes directly to them.

Love, aloha and vinaka**,


*Bula, hello in Fiji. **Vinaka, thanks

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