Ecuador Puerto Cayo/Montanita


Port Washington , NY US

Project Overview

In late February, myself and Sean Kinney will be in the Puerto Cayo region on a surf trip and want to help the local people with access to clean drinking water! The remote fishing villages are quite poor and were rocked by an earthquake in 2016 making drinkable water that much more difficult to access. We are devising our best plan of action by talking with W4W and locals about which communities/schools/areas need our help the most. Clean drinking water is something we all take for granted but through our efforts and hopefully your donation we can help make a difference in these small communities!!

$50= MVP filter, potential impact of 100 people/day $15= Facucet adapter, attaches to MVP filter allowing for easy access Any contribution helps!

Thanks for your interest in our project!

Statistics & Progress

Destination Puerto Cayo , Manabi - Ecuado

Filter Goal
20 of 20

Potential Access to Clean Water 2,000+


Vanessa Rosario
Donated: $25

Rori Finazzo
Donated: $50

Stephan Finazzo
Donated: $50

Michael Finazzo
Donated: $100

Taylor Remsen
Donated: $25

Allison Yee
Donated: $50

Lori Stearns
Donated: $65

Elizabeth Stroud
Donated: $50

Erin Miller
Donated: $50