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Clean water should be a right not a privilege.

I came across “Waves for Water” several months ago and was inspired by the great impact and influence it achieved in only a few years. Therefore, I decided to join in and spend my next journey not only travelling and enjoying the country but also helping out along the way. My next destination is India in March 2018.

About 21 percent of communicable diseases in India are linked to unsafe water. Further, more than 500 children under the age of 5 die each day from diarrhea in India. India’s government has long fought to provide enough clean drinking water to its citizens, but is struggling because the country only has 4 percent of the world’s renewable water sources. Realizing that 18 percent of the world’s population live in India, this fact is very alarming.

Rural drinking water is dependent on ground water. The levels are going down and India is forced to drill deeper and deeper for the water. This implicates another fatal problem: pollution. As they go deeper, the more contaminants they find. There is nitrate, iron, salinity, and in some places even uranium in the water.

Public fountains are often contaminated. For people that cannot afford bottled water, this can result in permanent waterborne diseases. In some areas, the only access to water is provided by one single tap which is turned on three times a day by the government. Even these taps can’t provide clean drinking water as they are often polluted by dirty pipes or algae.

Another problem is the long walks to clean fountains. This time could have been used by children to go to school and by adults to take care of their families or work. Thus, the lack of clean water is not only a problem for people’s health, but also for their education and financial situation.

When every drop of water matters, the fight for water is ultimately a fight for survival. This is why we should participate and try to make a difference. Every single filter provides enough clean water for up to 100 people a day. Even 1 filter can improve the life of many people in India enormously.

Clean water is a right, not a privilege.

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