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Project Overview

Hello! My name is Cole Bursey, a freshman at San Diego State University, and I want to help bring clean drinking water to the rural areas around Durban, South Africa. I have spent my life growing up in the waters of Southern California and have always had such a great respect for the ocean and is what has lead me to find Waves for Water. The fact is that millions of people around the globe have no access to clean drinking water and is an issue that must be fixed. Durban itself has one of the best clean water systems in the world, however with a lack of sanitation in rural areas, many communities find themselves with an increase in water born illnesses due to the increase of sewage and fecal matter flooding rivers such as the Vaal river.

My goal is to obtain as many filters as I can to do my part in helping with this escalating issue. I am of firm belief that everyone deserves basic human necessities such as food and clean water and my hope is that these filters begin to help these areas.

I am currently planning a trip to deliver these filters in the coming months, so any help will be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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Destination Durban - South Africa

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