Clean Water for Papua New Guinea


Los Angeles , CA USA

Project Overview

I will be doing a medical mission with the non-profit Youth With a Mission, where we will be sailing to remote villages throughout Papua New Guinea to provide free healthcare to those in need. It would be an even greater benefit to provide clean water for them as well. I am trying to raise money to purchase at least 5 filters. Each filter costs $50 and can provide 1 million gallons of clean water, which is about enough to supply 100 people for up to 5 years.

In developing countries throughout the world, access to clean water is a game changer. Whether it's for drinking, cooking, or basic sanitation filters help and you can too. Please donate what you can and pray for the people of PNG. Thank you for your support!

Statistics & Progress

Destination Papua New Guinea

Filter Goal
5 of 5

Potential Access to Clean Water 500+


Jino Savaglio
Donated: $50

John Arredondo
Donated: $50

Michael Horner
Donated: $100

Teresa Moltenberry
Donated: $25