Giving Hope to Puerto Rico


Aldie , VA US

Project Overview

Hurricane Maria lashed through Puerto Rico leaving a trail of devastation. It was the largest hurricane to hit the island since 1932. Power went out and there was no fresh water for the entire island. About seven weeks after the hurricane, most of the island still remains without power or clean water. For those who have running water, it is not safe to drink and diseases are spreading. Grocery stores are rationing food and bottled water, ultimately running out of bottled water. Aside from the difficulty in finding clean and safe water, many are unemployed due to the number of closed businesses affected by the hurricane. This adds to the difficulty of purchasing basic needs.

I am currently coordinating my efforts with family and friends to send necessary items to different areas of Puerto Rico. We have linked up with people in Aguadilla that are traveling to towns with that yet have power and water. The more raised would make a larger impact and will be distributed throughout the surrounding communities. The purchase of a water filter will lessen the burden of seeking bottled water and most importantly, provide clean, safe, drinkable water. One filter has a life of one million gallons, potentially impacting 100 people per filter.

These words do not do justice in expressing the situation Puerto Ricans on the island live day to day. Let's unite our efforts to reduce the hardship of basic needs and allow Puerto Ricans to use their resources on rebuilding their lives in a physical and emotional manner.

Thank you for your generous consideration in aiding this project. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Statistics & Progress

Destination Puerto Rico

Filter Goal
2 of 50

Potential Access to Clean Water 5,000+


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