California to Patagonia by Van


Venice , CA USA

Project Overview

Starting in July, I'll be leaving from Northern California and heading 15,000 miles south for the next year down to the tip of South America. Traveling with Clover (aka the CloDog) by my side in our self-built van/home-on-wheels, we plan on chasing surf and adventure along the length of the Longest Road in the World. While undoubtedly this will be the adventure of a lifetime, I also realize that it puts me in an incredibly privileged position--many people in the countries through which I'll be traveling are struggling to even meet their basic daily needs, much less taking time to travel. This trip will take me through two continents of people who may not necessarily share much in common, yet are clearly united by their basic human rights to have clean water to drink. Traveling overland will allow me to access communities and people who are off the beaten path, and the more filters I can bring, the more people we can help. There's 15k miles, 15 countries...while 1 filter per country sounds like a completely insignificant amount, it won't be to the people who get them. Like any journey, you've got to start somewhere. Let's go.

Statistics & Progress

Destination CA thru Central and South America to Patagonia

Filter Goal
30 of 30

Potential Access to Clean Water 3,000+


Kacie Hendrickson
Donated: $50

Jordan Chiu
Donated: $50

Penny Shaw
Donated: $50

Michelle Tanaka
Donated: $50

Cheyenne Ellis
Donated: $100

The Franks Family
Donated: $100

Samantha Harmon
Donated: $25

James Nissen
Donated: $50

Droni Chiu
Donated: $50

Phil Haslett
Donated: $101