Bring SAKLOLO -HELP to Typhoon Haiyan, Philippines


Highlands Ranch , CO US

Project Overview

Using my passion for travel and giving back to help my countrymen, the Haiyan Typhoon victims in my homeland in the Philippines.

I am traveling for two weeks in February 2014, to visit family in the Philippines and help them rebuild their lives. While there, I would love to drop off water filtration systems in Samar Islands to save lives! Clean water supports life, while contaminated/dirty water causes disease and death.

The filter systems I will bring are called Renegade Filter. 1 system will serve 100 people. Each system will last up to 5 years and will filter up to 1 Million gallons of water! Each system is only $50. My goal is to bring 10 systems with me.

Whatever amount (as little as $5) will go a long way! Thank you for considering a donation to help purchase the filters that I will bring and that I will hand deliver.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Thank you - Maraming Salamap Po!

Leah Eveleigh

Statistics & Progress

Destination Leyte and San Roque, Northern Samar, Samar Islands - Philippines