Benj and Yasi go to El Salvador!



Project Overview


We are headed back to El Salvador this year for Memorial day weekend hoping to score some surf and deliver water filters to the local communities that lack access to clean drinking water.

In partnership with Surf El Salvador we are fundraising to bring filters to people and schools in an area where clean water is not a given. The water filters are designed to eliminate waterborne diseases, cysts, and parasites which sometimes keep kids out of school and from growing up to be healthy and strong.

Signing up to be a clean water courier is a way to do more than travel for a wave but to actively participate in a culture of wonderful people. Please consider contributing to our goal of 30 filters. We will cover all costs of buckets and on the ground logistics. Each $50 provides one filter to a family that otherwise wouldn't have clean water.

Below is the link of one of my co-worker's previous waves for water trips to Siargao, an island off the Philippines.

Statistics & Progress

Destination Las Flores, CA - El Salvador

Filter Goal
30 of 30

Potential Access to Clean Water 3,000+


Dan Mallin
Donated: $100

The Margolies Family
Donated: $200

Nasser Kazeminy
Donated: $500

The Margolis Family
Donated: $100

Yvonne Kazeminy
Donated: $250

Megan Crawford
Donated: $50

Deb Mallin
Donated: $300