Water 4 African Schools


Durbanville , WESTERN CAPE ZA

Project Overview

The Numbers:

In Sub-Saharan Africa, 43 per cent of children drink unsafe water and one in five die before their fifth birthday.

A lack of clean water and basic sanitation is responsible for 1.6 million preventable child deaths each year.


We are three young men that are travelling from Cape Town to Cairo in a mission to make a small difference to these statistics. We will be changing the lives of thousands of African Children by providing them with clean drinking water.

Our Plan:

To distribute the Waves for Water filters to schools and communities within extremely rural communities in Africa as there are millions of Africans still without access to clean drinking water, often leading to disease and/or the untimely death of the youth.

We encourage YOU to consider helping save the lives of 1000's of African children, by making a small donation to the cause.

We will be taking photos and videos of the distribution so that you can see the difference that you are making to the lives of these children.

Statistics & Progress

Destination Malawi, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia

Filter Goal
5 of 50

Potential Access to Clean Water 5,000+


Michael Cook
Donated: $25

Donated $25

Chelsea Cianciolo
Donated: $50

George Gradinaru
Donated: $100

Donated $25