Empowerment Project With Peruvian Hearts


Los Angeles , CA US

Project Overview

We have raised a lot but the girls need your help in the last stretch! Donation cut off is Saturday 12/01/2018.

The girls of Peruvian Hearts families live in great poverty without access to clean drinking water. The money raised will be used to provide these young women with the tools needed to change the way their families live on a daily basis.

Our goal is 52 filters which will be delivered to the girls this December in Peru where they will then be part of a class demonstration held by the directors of the organization. The girls will practice the assembly and backflushing process until they feel comfortable taking them home, we feel it is important for the girls themselves to implement these filters and be the ones who provide the gift of clean drinking water.

Peruvian Hearts aims to unlock the potential of young women through the power of education, mentorship, and service to others. This empowers them to become leaders of their families, communities, and country by providing the knowledge and skills necessary to rise up and break the cycle of poverty.

Live More Happy is a community/brand that was started in memory of our friend Lindsay Hawley. Each project we have done and will do is a direct result of the effect she had on us.

Statistics & Progress

Destination Cusco - Peru

Filter Goal
32 of 52

Potential Access to Clean Water 5,200+


Catherine Novis
Donated: $35

The Tseng Family
Donated: $100

Gary Mead
Donated: $1,000

Alyson Pacarro
Donated: $25

Steven Archie
Donated: $50

John Stevens
Donated: $200

Laurel Thorburn
Donated: $50

Laurel Thorburn
Donated: $50

Donna Yuriditsky
Donated: $50

Jacqueline Ross
Donated: $50