Clean water for Basra


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Project Overview

Basra Iraq is dealing with a very bad clean water crisis. It is a problem on many levels. The regional water supply is diminished do to reduced river flows from up north which has caused salt water from the sea to ceeep into river water. Residents report salty water in their residential faucets. This has resulted in the need for water tanker truck deliveries in scarce quality. There are reports of these tanker water deliveries in the city to homes being contaminated. Cholera is on a sharp upturn in Basra with hundreds of new cases. The water supply is tainted and the regional government has not put money into updated water systems for years. This problem has caused sever shortages and regional social unrest. There have been public protests and riots because of this. It is turning into a humanitarian crisis. I work in Basra Region and have very close friends who are residents of the area. We discuss this problem regularly. I also have working relationships with some highly politically connected individuals who are interested in my idea of bringing your filters into southern Iraq to distribute to people in need. We would like to discuss bulk pricing with you. 50,000 units to start. Shipping would be to Dubai initially or through US military transport.

Thank you,

Brent Smith

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