Water Filters for Carolina Region of Puerto Rico


Los Altos , CA USA

Project Overview

We are Education for All, a student-created nonprofit organization based out of Mountain View High School committed to disaster relief. Upon the onset of Hurricane Maria over 6 months ago, many Puerto Ricans still are left with water contaminated with giardiasis and leptospirosis. We hope to help in this crisis by delivering water filters to the devastated region of Carolina in Puerto Rico.

We have already conducted our first round of donations. We are thrilled to utilize Water for Waves for our next round's funding. We will be leaving for Puerto Rico on the 12th of August to deliver the filters, but we would like all donations by the end of July. Any donation is highly appreciated!

Current officers of Education for All include Tejas Thvar, Jeremy Hsu, Jake Webster, Jake Pappas, Liam Magee, and Lucas Tomasello.

Statistics & Progress

Destination Carolina (near San Juan), Puerto Rico - USA

Filter Goal
65 of 70

Potential Access to Clean Water 7,000+


Satish Sundar
Donated: $100

Donated $50

W. Kay Ellis
Donated: $50

Lucas Tomasello
Donated: $100

Ramya Thvar
Donated: $50

Liesa Pappas
Donated: $100

Cinda Voegtli
Donated: $50

Sowmya Thvar
Donated: $500

Sriram Dorai
Donated: $50