Cusco and Sacred Valley- PERU



Project Overview

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p>When was the last time, you drank a glass of water and hoped it wouldn't make you or your family sick? In various villages in Peru, this is real life. We are a team of 2 working with "Waves for Water" to provide water filters to villages in the Peruvian Highlands. Your money/funds raised will go directly to the Waves For Water organization and they then immediately ship the filters to us.

Each $50 filter provides 100 people with clean water up to 5 years! Most of the families live in tight clusters, so a $50 bucket filter at one home can provide safe water to several surrounding families for years! So we could potentially help out a handful of villages and schools! That is our ultimate goal!

We will be setting up each school, family and village with a filter and providing a workshop so everyone understands how it works and to get them excited about now having access to clean water. Each filter removes 99.99999% of contaminants and exceeds EPA requirements and to make our message clear, we will be the FIRST to drink the filtered water to communicate its effectiveness and safety.

With your help, we hope to impact over 3,000 lives with providing access to clean water for these beautiful souls!

Thank you for your support and love!

All our love and gratitude,

Kim and Emily

Statistics & Progress

Destination Cusco/Sacred Valley - Peru

Filter Goal
1 of 30

Potential Access to Clean Water 3,000+


Marcus Ramos
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