2017 Water Warriors for a Potable Peru


Natick , MA US

Project Overview

I have been travelling to Peru regularly for the last seven years; it feels like a second home to me.

Peruvians are some of the happiest and most generous people on the planet. But many live in extreme poverty, without potable water. According to the Peruvian National Statistics and Informatic Institute about 65% of the people living in rural areas had access to drinking water supply (2009). However, in a sample of those systems, 59% do not disinfect the water because they lack the necessary facilities or access to chlorine. Therefore, it is estimated that around 7,000 rural water systems provide water without disinfection, resulting in high levels of intestinal distress among the poorest populations.

My goal is to continue the mission started by Waves For Water five years ago to bring clean and potable water to over 4,000 people living in remote villages in the Amazon, the Sacred Valley and the Highlands of Peru. Each $50 donation helps me bring clean, drinkable water to approximately 100 people.

Statistics & Progress

Destination Ollantaytambo, Cusco - Peru

Filter Goal
40 of 40

Potential Access to Clean Water 4,000+


Jennifer Laing
Donated: $50

Frank Mroz
Donated: $50

The Miller Family
Donated: $25

Donated $50

Robert Lee Cardenas
Donated: $100

Belmont Hill School
Donated: $1,500

Marlene Marlene
Donated: $100

The Gilbert Family
Donated: $100

William Small
Donated: $50