2 Missions in 1: Siargao Island, Philippines


Santa Monica , CA US

Project Overview

In May I will be traveling to Siargao Island in the Philippines for a medical mission while also scouting for my own medical mission. The medical mission will consist of opening a general outpatient clinic to the local people of the island. Due to the increasing tourism, resorts are opening rapidly, without the medical support for the people who live there, so this mission will help provide some medical support. Siargao Island is increasingly becoming a popular surf spot to people from all over the world, so I will also be teaching basic first aid and CPR to local surf instructors and medical personnel. Another issue of the island is the increased production of trash, with nowhere to put it. For now the trash is being dumped in the areas the tourists do not see. This trash contaminates the water sources that are being used by the locals for cooking and drinking. While traveling around the island, our team will also distribute clean water filters to to medical centers of the municipalities to supply to their residents. Please help our team provide clean water to the beautiful people of Siargao who do not benefit from the tourism boom of the island!

Statistics & Progress

Destination Siargao Island - Philippines

Filter Goal
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Potential Access to Clean Water 1,694+


Glb Nursing Service
Donated: $50

The Price Family
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The Susanwhang Family
Donated: $100

Constance A Bland
Donated: $25

Erin Burke
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Beibei Fan
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Maria M Zabala
Donated: $20

Katherine E Frambes
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Andrew Pham
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Patrick Oliver
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