' For The Love of Water '



Project Overview

I am currently traveling in South America and have been extremely moved by the photos and news reports of the horrific flooding affecting thousands of people in Northern Peru. I am sitting in a hostal in Cuenca sipping coffee and I read an article by some local ex-pats who started a program called Waterbearers , and they told how they are connecting with this organization called 'Waves for Water'. In the next few weeks I am traveling to Northern Peru and cannot imagine a more timely and worthy cause to join up with . I have always been a sponataneous, flying by the seat of my pants type person, so why change now? If I can raise funds to purchase even 20 filters that I would be able to deliver to communities in need , what an incredible way to culminate my journey!

Statistics & Progress

Destination Trujillo, Northern Peru - Peru

Filter Goal
0 of 20

Potential Access to Clean Water 2,000+